Triple 7s Blackjack

If you’ve ever wanted to combine the game of blackjack with the jackpot potential of a slot machine, Triple Sevens Blackjack might be right for you. With Triple 7s Blackjack, you’ll have the opportunity to take down a progressive jackpot simply by being dealt what every slots player has been looking for since the beginning of time: 7-7-7.

How to Play Triple 7s Blackjack

When it comes to the blackjack portion of the game, Triple 7s Blackjack is fairly typical. The game is played with normal blackjack rules, and is dealt out of a five deck shoe. The dealer stands on all 17s, and blackjacks pay out at the standard 3-2 rate. Aces may be split, but you cannot draw to them or double down after splitting them.

There is one rule that may not be familiar to all blackjack players; players may only double down on hands of 9, 10 or 11. This means that you won’t be able to double down on some soft hands that would normally be double down hands under basic strategy. In general, if strategy dictates that you double down and you can’t, hitting is the best strategy instead.

In order to play a hand of Triple 7s blackjack, you will not only have to make your regular wager, but also a mandatory progressive jackpot bet. Essentially, this is just $1 taken out of whatever bet you make; if you bet $5, that would be a $4 bet on the blackjack hand, with a $1 side bet on the progressive jackpot game.

Triple 7s Blackjack Side Bet

The progressive Triple 7s jackpot pays out when the player receives at least one seven as the first card of their hand. After that, the prizes grow as the player is dealt more sevens, culminating in a progressive jackpot for receiving three sevens of diamonds.

The full payouts are as follows:

  • One Seven: $5
  • Two Sevens: $25
  • Two Sevens (same suit): $50
  • Three Sevens: $250
  • Three Sevens (same suit): $1,000
  • Three Sevens (Diamonds): 100% of Jackpot

There are a couple things to keep in mind when playing Triple 7s. If you have two sevens and choose to split them, you will not get credit for a third seven, even if one is dealt. Thus, it’s probably a good idea not to split whenever you are dealt two sevens to start the hand.

Most of the time, the Triple 7s Side Bet carries a rather high house edge. When the jackpot is small, in the $10,000 range, the jackpot can range as high as around 35%! However, the jackpot can occasionally become much larger. If the jackpot ever reaches $109,860, be sure to jump on and play as soon as you can; at that point, the Triple Sevens bet begins to have a player advantage, meaning it’s very much worth your while to play the game at that point. The exact math dictates that the house edge of the game at start is 37.94%, and that this drops by 3.45% for every $10,000 in the jackpot amount.