Premier Blackjack

Sometimes, just having one blackjack option isn’t enough. That’s why Premier Blackjack was invented! With Premier Blackjack – a blackjack game offered by many online casinos – you’ll have the option to play one of four great blackjack games. The options available to the player include Multi-Hand Blackjack, Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack and Hi-Lo Blackjack. That’s a lot to go over, so let’s take a look at each of those games in a little more detail.

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How to Play Premier Blackjack: Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-Hand Blackjack is essentially a standard blackjack game. The only difference is that the game will allow you to play up to five hands at one time! Given that the game is usually played with a double deck shoe, this means that not only does the game have a fairly low house edge compared to many blackjack games, but it can also be fun if you enjoy making composition-dependent plays when you start to see cards come out of the shoe. By the time you’re ready to play your 5th hand, chances are that you’ll have seen a fairly sizable portion of the deck already, which can mean that the cards left in the deck may suggest that you play differently than basic strategy dictates.

Other than that, Multi-Hand Blackjack is just a regular, standard blackjack game that any blackjack player can enjoy. All payouts are standard, including the full 3-2 blackjack payout.

How to Play Premier Blackjack: Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack

As you might expect, Multi-Hand Bonus Blackjack is exactly the same as regular Multi-Hand Blackjack, only with an added bonus. In this case, that means an optional Bonus Bet that players have the option of taking advantage of. Just like in the regular form of Multi-Hand Blackjack, players can play up to five hands, and the hands are dealt out of a two-deck shoe.

The Bonus Bet offered relies on the combination of your first two cards in each hand. If you choose to make the Bonus Bet, you can win if you have two cards of the same suit. Payouts are as follows:

  • Jack and Ace of Spades: 50-1
  • Jack and Ace of Diamonds, Clubs or Hearts: 25-1
  • Any Two Cards of the Same Suit: 5-2

Of course, this bet is entirely optional, and a player can choose to make it or not make it at any time.

How to Play Premier Blackjack: High Streak Blackjack

Once again, High Streak Blackjack is played with a fairly normal set of blackjack rules. Unlike in the multi-hand games above, however, you’ll only be able to play one hand at a time. Other than that, the game is very similar; it is dealt from a two-deck shoe, and all standard blackjack rules apply.

High Streak Blackjack gets its name from the High Streak side bet offered during the game. This bet is completely optional, and can be made before any hand you choose to play.

The High Streak side bet pays out if you win several hands of blackjack in a row. The more hands you win, the more your winnings increase! The odds offered are as follows:

  • Two Consecutive Wins: 1-1
  • Three Consecutive Wins: 2-1
  • Four Consecutive Wins: 5-1
  • Five Consecutive Wins: 10-1

Even better, when you start moving up the ladder, you can continue making the High Streak side bet, thus starting new streaks. If you play the High Streak side bet every hand, and win five hands in a row, the 5th hand will not only pay out 10-1 on your initial High Streak bet, but also the lower odds for bets you made on later hands (which are now part of shorter winning streaks).

How to Play Premier Blackjack: Hi-Lo Blackjack

As with High Streak Blackjack, Hi-Lo Blackjack is a typical blackjack game. In fact, it carries the same exact rules, once again only distinguishing itself thanks to the Hi-Lo Bonus side bet.

The Hi-Lo Bonus side bet is entirely optional, and pays out based on the first two cards you’re dealt. You may choose to bet on Hi, Lo, or 13.

If you bet on Hi, you will win if the combined value of your first two cards is 14 or higher. If you bet on Lo, you’ll win if your initial hand value is 12 or less. Betting on 13 requires you to have a hand of exactly 13 to win. The bets pay out based on the following chart:

  • Hi: 1-1
  • Lo: 1-1
  • 13: 10-1