Lucky 7 Blackjack

Everyone knows that seven is a lucky number. It may not be the most important card in blackjack, but getting three of them in a row does add up to 21, which is almost always a winner. But shouldn’t that lucky number seven do a little more for you during a hand?

That’s the idea behind Lucky 7 Blackjack. In this game, sevens can make you a lot of extra money, especially if you can string three of them in a row!

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How to Play Lucky 7 Blackjack

Lucky 7 Blackjack is played using standard blackjack rules. In fact, the Lucky 7 Blackjack bet (also known as the Super Sevens bet) can be attached to any blackjack game, which is why it’s one of the most popular side bets in both online and live casinos.

The Lucky 7 Blackjack side bet is a completely optional bet that the player may make in addition to their initial blackjack bet. Typically, the bet is made as a $1 bet, though some casinos may allow the player to wager more money.

The Lucky 7 side bet pays out based on the number of sevens the player receives at the beginning of the hand. It also pays out more money if the sevens are of the same suit rather than if they are unsuited. In some casinos, you’ll be able to get the following payouts:

  • First Card Seven: 3-1
  • Two Sevens (unsuited): 50-1
  • Two Sevens (suited): 100-1
  • Three Sevens (unsuited): 500-1
  • Three Sevens (suited): 5000-1

It’s important to note that the player is only paid for the biggest prize they would receive; if they have three suited sevens, they do not also get paid the amounts for one seven and two suited sevens. In some casinos, however, a player with two sevens will get the chance to draw to a third seven even if the dealer has blackjack.

With the paychart listed above, the house edge is a rather high 12.6%; if the player gets the chance to draw to a third card even when the dealer has a blackjack, it is reduced slightly to 11.4%.

With such a large house edge, you might think that any casino would be happy to jump on to offering these payouts. However, some online casinos offer an even lower return! While researching this game, we found some casinos that have Lucky 7 Blackjack with the following payouts:

  • First Card Seven: 3-1
  • Two Sevens (unsuited): 25-1
  • Two Sevens (suited): 50-1
  • Three Sevens (unsuited): 100-1
  • Three Sevens (suited): 500-1

Obviously, these payouts are significantly lower on all wins other than on a single seven, which still pays 3-1. Unbelievably, our calculations show that this game has a house edge of just over 50%! This makes a Lucky 7 Blackjack side bet offering these odds a horrible wager for the player.

That said, the Lucky 7 Blackjack game is just a sidebet. Just because it carries a high house edge doesn’t mean that the blackjack game itself is bad; many Lucky 7 Blackjack games actually have favorable rules for the player with very low house edges. And if you feel like spending a few dollars to try to hit a jackpot, you can always play the Lucky 7 side bet; just don’t do it too often, or you’ll start to see it cutting into your blackjack winnings.

By the way, if you really want to try to “beat” the Lucky 7 side bet at a live casino, you can actually do some card counting to turn the game into a profitable one – sort of. If the game has the maximum payouts listed above (the first pay chart), then the player can gain an edge by counting sevens as -12, and all other cards as +1. Keep that running count, and divide it by the approximate number of decks left in the shoe to get a “true count.” If this count is five or higher, the player has an advantage, and it’s time to start making the Lucky 7 bet! But don’t get too excited; even if you play the Lucky 7 Blackjack side bet only when you have the advantage, your theoretical profits (assuming you’re only allowed to bet $1) will be about 14 cents per hour.

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