Live Aces Blackjack

Most of the rules in blackjack are pretty uniformly applied. In most games, you can double down whenever you want to, the dealer always has to play his hands the same way, and blackjacks always pay 3-2. No matter what cards are in front of you, the rules don’t change.

But there’s an exception for aces, which are usually treated differently when it comes to splitting. Live Aces Blackjack changes this by giving the player more options than they usually have with aces, and significantly lowering the house edge in the process.

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Live Aces Blackjack Rules

The rules of Live Aces Blackjack are essentially the same as those of normal online blackjack. The player must try to make a hand as close to 21 as possible while beating the dealer’s hand, without going over 21. Players have all their normal options, including standing, hitting, doubling down and splitting. Payouts are normal, and in over 99% of hands, you won’t see a difference from what you’d expect at any normal blackjack table.

However, there is a major difference in the rules for splitting various hands. Normally, the player is allowed to play split hands as normal, except in the case of aces. When a player splits aces in standard blackjack, however, they only receive one additional card for each hand, at which point those hands are frozen.

In Live Aces Blackjack, this exception is taken away. Now, aces may by played just like any other hand after splitting. You can resplit, hit, or even double down on your split aces. Obviously, getting more options for free is always good for the player, so all of these changes are definitely beneficial. In the Live Aces Blackjack game offered at Grand Virtual software casinos, the game also features the 7-Card Charlie rule, meaning that any hand in which you have seven cards without going over 21 is an automatic winner. This situation doesn’t come up often, but it is another nice bonus that works in the player’s favor.

Live Aces Blackjack Strategy

Given that the game plays almost identically to standard blackjack, you can use your normal blackjack strategy in Live Aces Blackjack. When it comes to splitting aces, basic strategy already dictates that you should split aces at all times even when you only get one card, so it should be no surprise to find that you should always split aces in Live Aces Blackjack, too. After splitting aces, play them just as you would a normal hand; no additional strategy adjustments are necessary.

Given the set of rules used in the Grand Virtual software, Live Aces Blackjack has a house edge of 0.19% assuming basic strategy is used. This makes Live Aces Blackjack one of the best casino games around, and one you should definitely be on the lookout for if you enjoy playing blackjack!

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