Blackjack Surrender

Blackjack Surrender is a blackjack variant found in Playtech online casinos. It derives its name from an option provided to the player. After the dealer has confirmed that he does not have a blackjack, the player can surrender his hand without playing. In this event he is able to rescue half his wagered amount. Some dealt hands are inherently weak compared with the dealer’s face up card and this option allows the player to cut his losses. Unfortunately, no USA friendly blackjack casinos currently offer this variant of the game.

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Blackjack Surrender Rules

The run of play in Blackjack Surrender follows the familiar pattern. After the wager is placed and the cards are dealt the player can place the insurance bet if the dealer’s face up card is an ace. The dealer then checks for blackjack if his face up card is either an ace or a 10 value card. If the dealer has a blackjack the insurance bet is paid out at 2 to 1, but the regular bet loses and the game is over. However if the player also has a blackjack he still wins the insurance bet but the regular bet pushes.

If the dealer does not have a blackjack the player can surrender before he makes any move. If the player wants to continue he can hit or stand as he desires. If the first two cards dealt to the player are of the same value he can split them into two separate hands by placing an additional wager of the same amount.

Each hand is then played independently like any normal online blackjack hand. However in the case of split aces the player can receive only one additional card. A split hand cannot be re-split even if it displays a pair. Also an ace and a 10 value card in a split hand do not count as a blackjack. The player can double down after seeing his first two cards. He does this by placing another identical wager. The player should bear in mind that in this case he is constrained to take exactly one more card. The player can double down after splitting their hand.

Players winning with a blackjack receive a payout of 3 to 2. The blackjack has to be dealt in the first two cards only. Also if the dealer has the blackjack then there is no payout to the player and the hand pushes. If the dealer busts or if the player’s hand value is closer to 21 he receives a payout of 1 to 1. If the player busts or if the dealer’s hand value is closer to 21 the player loses his wager. If the player and the dealer have the same hand value the bet pushes and the player’s wager is returned to him. There is another interesting feature in Blackjack Surrender. If the player draws seven cards without going bust he automatically wins, except when the dealer has a blackjack. Such a hand is called a Charlie in blackjack parlance. The player should follow the usual blackjack strategy in Blackjack Surrender, incorporating when to surrender into the strategy.

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