Blackjack Stand or Bust

Blackjack is a great game, but sometimes it’s nice to play something that doesn’t require you to keep track of so much information or deal with detailed strategy all the time. To this end, there are a lot of proprietary online blackjack games that keep some of the feel of the original game, but offer a more relaxed experience for blackjack players. One of the most popular of these is Blackjack Stand or Bust.

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How to Play Blackjack Stand or Bust

In Blackjack Stand or Bust, the game begins with the player making a bet. The idea of the game is simple; the dealer will play a hand out using the dealer rules: hit on 16 or lower, stand on 17 or higher. Your goal is to predict whether the dealer will stand or bust. If you still have yet to learn the fundamentals in the standard blackjack game, please consult our complete blackjack guide.

When the game begins, the player is shown four cards. The player can choose which of the four cards the dealer will begin with. If the player doesn’t like any of the four cards presented, they may also use the “shuffle” button to have four new cards presented. The player starts the game with three shuffles to use.

Once the player has chosen a card, the player must also choose whether they believe the dealer will stand or bust. Depending on the card selected, the payouts on the stand and bust options will vary. For instance, if the dealer has an ace, the player will earn very little money by choosing stand, but has the potential for a jackpot payout with bust, since the dealer will very rarely bust when starting with an ace. Conversely, with a 5 or 6, the payouts for stand and bust will be very similar, since the dealer will bust fairly often with those cards.

Once the play makes their pick, the hand is played out. If the player loses, they lose their entire stake. If the player wins, their winnings are added to the stake. At any time, the player may bank their entire stake, bank half of their stake, or “let it ride” and play with the entire stake in front of them. If the player ever wins four hands in a row before banking their stake, they earn an additional shuffle to use.

Blackjack Stand or Bust Strategy

Because different odds are available on each card, casinos can tailor the game to have the same house edge no matter which card is chosen or whether you pick stand or bust. This means that in most cases, your choices won’t matter in terms of long term winnings while playing Blackjack Stand or Bust.

However, it’s easy to play the game in a way that you find more or less fun by adjusting the bets you make. If you like a slow, steady, “investment” approach, use your shuffles to make sure you can bet on “stand” when a ten or ace is showing. You won’t win a lot of money doing this, but you will almost always win the hand. On the other hand, if you don’t mind losing often but really like big payouts, you could take the opposite approach, taking the bust option on aces and tens. Finally, an intermediate approach is possible as well, by betting on most of the numbered cards, where the dealer has a reasonable chance of either busting or standing.

While we weren’t able to independently calculate the house edge for Blackjack Stand or Bust, other sources list it as approximately 3%, which – while higher than most regular blackjack games – is actually pretty good for a simple, fun game at an online casino.

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Rules of Blackjack Stand or Bust Explained on Video