Anything Goes Blackjack

If you’re looking for a form of blackjack that will allow you many chances to win, Anything Goes Blackjack is something you might want to give a chance. In Anything Goes Blackjack, you’ll be able to switch out bad cards, give yourself second chances and do many things you simply aren’t allowed to do in regular variant of blackjack. The result is a game that’s relatively good for the player, along with being a lot of fun to play!

Best Anything Goes Blackjack Sites

Anything Goes Blackjack starts with the same basic play as blackjack, with all the same rules and payouts. In fact, if the player doesn’t utilize any of the special options given to them, the game will play entirely identically to blackjack!

However, players also have a host of new options that they can try using in specific situations. At the Anything Goes Blackjack table, you’ll see four additional betting areas. The player is allowed to use any one of these spots during each hand, if they wish to do so. The four options are as follows:

  • Replace One of First Two Cards: The player may swap out either of the two cards in their initial hand, taking a new card instead. If the player chooses to do so, they lose their original bet, and must make a new bet (of the same size as their initial bet) in the circle marked “1” on the table.
  • Replace First Double Down Card: After doubling down, the player can replace the double down card they received with a new card. If the player wants to do this, they lose their original bet, and must make a new bet of equal size in the betting area marked “2.”
  • Draw Second Double Down Card: After doubling down, if the dealer is showing a face card or an ace, the player may use this option in order to double down a second time, receiving a second card to add to their original two card hand. Essentially, this is like splitting; each of the double down cards is treated as a separate hand. In order to do this, the player must make an additional bet on the betting area marked “3.” The original double down hand is played for two bets (as in standard blackjack), while the additional bet will win or lose based on the score of the hand using the second double down card.
  • Replace Bust Card: If a player busts during the course of play, they have the option of replacing the card that busted them with a new card. This is done by making a wager equal to the original bet in the betting area marked “4.” The player still loses their initial bet, but can now continue playing the hand as normal.

It is important to note that the player may only use a maximum of one of these four options during the course of a single hand. And, of course, the player is never obligated to use any of these options unless they want to.

Anything Goes Blackjack Strategy

Obviously, the optimal strategy for a game this complex is likely to be very difficult to calculate, and a complete survey of this game is not available at this time. However, it is clear that the majority of the bonus options given to the player carry a rather high house edge, and should be avoided, though there may be some spots when they are worthwhile.

On the other hand, the blackjack game itself offered during Anything Goes Blackjack on most online gaming sites is very favorable, with a lot of rules that work to the player’s advantage, such as late surrender, doubling after a split, and being allowed to hit split aces. These rules alone make the game carry a very small house edge of only 0.3%, making it one of the better blackjack games available to players.

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