South Africa Blackjack

Many of our South African readers have requested a review of the best online casinos for blackjack in their country. The importance of playing online blackjack in South Africa is finding a casino that accepts the Rand. Below we have listed the best internet blackjack casino for South African players (all of which accept Rand).

Latest Developments on South African Blackjack

In recent weeks, we have have learned that South Africa has now approve online gambling and online blackjack. For more information on this development, check out the news post on: South Africa Approves Online Blackjack

South African Online Gambling: What you need to know

With the growing number of South African players enjoying online gambling entertainment, past legislation continues to be scrutinized, and clarification sought. Proposed regulation has not yet come to fruition, leaving many aspects of the industry up in the air with regard to legality of operation and play. While some warn that South African online gambling is illegal for South African players under the Lotteries Act 57 of 1997, National Gambling Act 7 of 2004 and the National Gambling Amendment Act 10 of 2008, much of the current information leaves the question open to interpretation, and as a result, a multitude of online casinos readily accept South African players.

The National Gambling Act (No. 33 of 1996) which made provision for the regulation and co-ordination of matters relating to casinos, gambling and wagering was repealed by the National Gambling Act, 2004 – providing for the oversight of matters that pertain to casinos, gambling, and wagering, and advocates regulation for gambling in South Africa.

Since the laws were amended in 2004, much has changed including the rise in popularity of online gambling. The National Gambling Amendment Bill of 2007 was approved by the President in 2008, effectively beginning the process of regulating online gambling in South Africa. In 2009, the Gambling Review Commission was established by the Minister of Trade and Industry to review gaming policy and make recommendations – with the goal of providing a safe environment for South African players online. It is likely that the process of reviewing and drafting these new regulations and perimeters could be a lengthy one. In the meantime, South African players continue to enjoy online gambling in high numbers, with a growing selection of online casinos to choose from.

South African Gambling Resources:

If you are looking for more detailed information or want to keep up to date with current legislation feel free to browse the resources listed below on online gambling in South Africa.