WagerWorks Blackjack

WagerWorks Software is one of the leading providers of online blackjack software. Many of the finest online casinos on the Internet use WagerWorks to power their blackjack games. We love the WagerWorks software, thanks to the stunning graphics and the fact that their games do not require a download to use; they run on Flash, making them accessible to everyone, including Mac and Linux users. The following are the top internet casinos currently using the WagerWorks software:

Wagerworks Overview

WagerWorks is a subsidiary of International Game Technology, a Nevada based gaming company that has offices around the world. They’ve been creating great casino games since the 1950s, making them one of the most experienced gaming companies in the industry.

Features and Games in WagerWorks Software

As we said earlier, the WagerWorks software utilizes Flash, meaning that your favorite web browser will be able to run their software for you, without any downloads required. The games run smoothly, with crisp, clean and attractive graphics that both make the games easy to play and enjoyable to look at.

There’s no shortage of games in the WagerWorks suite. You’ll be able to play a full selection of table games, including all the classics like roulette, craps, and baccarat, along with fully licensed versions of proprietary games like Caribbean Stud Poker and Three Card Poker. There are also some interesting variant games like Three Card Second Chance, as well as three video poker games and dozens of different slots to choose from, including some skill-based slot machines.

WagerWorks Security

Given their decades of experience in the gambling industry, it should come as no surprise that WagerWorks provides very secure and reliable software. The WagerWorks software includes verification, banking and payment processing features built directly into the software, meaning that you can have confidence in an entire casino that’s using WagerWorks to power their games.

Blackjack Gaming with WagerWorks

As with most software providers, WagerWorks offers much more than a single blackjack game. There are several types of blackjack available, each with different rules, along with some interesting blackjack variations that offer a new spin on the classic casino game. All WagerWorks blackjack games use a six deck shoe, the dealer will always stand on all 17s, allow you to split on any two cards, and allow you to double after splitting. Here’s a quick look at a few of the different blackjack games offered by WagerWorks:

Standard/Multi-Hand Blackjack: This basic blackjack game uses six decks and is played with typical blackjack rules. It has a house edge of 0.46%.

European Blackjack: In this game, the dealer does not peak for a blackjack, but there are a couple of advantages given to the player in compensation; you may resplit to up to three hands, and you may hit, double, or resplit on split aces. Overall, this leaves the game with a house edge of just 0.30%.

Power Blackjack: In this blackjack variant, the player is allowed to “power double” if they do not like their double down card (on hands of 9-11), and receive a different card instead; they may also “power split” on any hard 15 or 16, rather than playing that normally weak hand. However, the dealer gets the advantage of pushing rather than busting on a total of 22. The house edge in this game is just 0.23%.

Hot Streak Blackjack: This game features the hot streak side bet, but is also notable because of some great rules that help make it one of the best blackjack games offered in the WagerWorks software. While the dealer doesn’t peak for blackjack, the player can hit and double on split aces, and the game also uses the rarely seen Six Card Charlie rule, meaning any six-card hand for the player is a winner! The house edge is a low 0.23%.

Top Hat Blackjack: One game you might want to avoid when playing WagerWorks blackjack games is Top Hat Blackjack. While it does use the Six Card Charlie Rule and is dealt out of just one deck, blackjacks only pay even money, giving the game a relatively high house edge of 2.5%.

More About Wagerworks

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