Cryptologic Blackjack

Cryptologic, Inc. is the maker of the Cryptologic software platform, one of the most popular online casino packages on the Internet. Known for offering full-featured software clients and having a selection of hundreds of games, it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most popular online casinos use Cryptologic, such as VIP Casino, Littlewoods Casino, and Inter Casino. Be sure to check out the list below of all the top Cryptologic online casinos. These casinos have been tested and ranked by our team ensuring you have the best possible online blackjack experience.

Cryptologic Overview

Cryptologic was one of the first online casino service providers, with their first software platform hitting the scene all the way back in 1996. Having as much experience in the business as anyone, Cryptologic is known for providing reliable and trustworthy software, which is why they haven’t fallen out of fashion, even after many other fine software providers have entered the market. To this day, they’re known for having some of the largest progressive jackpots in online gambling, and offer some very cool multiplayer games that allow players to enjoy games like blackjack with their friends, just like they could at a land-based casino.

Speaking of blackjack, Cryptologic-based casinos offer a wide range of blackjack games that make them a great choice for any blackjack player. Best of all, none of the games have a high house edge; they’re all as good or better than any land-based blackjack game you’d find spread in a Las Vegas casino.

Cryptologic Blackjack Games

Unless otherwise noted, all Cryptologic blackjack games require the dealer to stand on all 17s, allow players to double down after splitting, allow the player to split to two hands only, have the dealer peak for blackjack with an ace or ten showing, and do not offer surrendering as an option.

European Blackjack: This six-deck blackjack game uses the “no peak” rule popular in European casinos. That means that you won’t know if the dealer has made a blackjack until after you’ve finished playing your hand. This means it’s possible to lose more than one bet to a dealer blackjack! However, to make up for this, European Blackjack is the one Cryptologic blackjack game that allows you to split to a maximum of four hands. Overall, the house edge is 0.52%.

Euro Double Deck Blackjack: This is the same as the standard European Blackjack game, with two major changes. The player is only allowed to split to two hands, which is good for the dealer; however, the game uses a two deck shoe, which is excellent for the player. The next result is a much lower house edge of 0.34%.

Atlantic City Blackjack: In this form of the game, Cryptologic presents blackjack in a way most American players will be familiar with. The game uses an eight-deck shoe, and otherwise uses all of the standard blackjack rules outlined above. This gives the game a house edge of 0.49%. You can find out more about how to play Atlantic City Blackjack in our detailed article.

Atlantic City Progressive Blackjack: This game plays just like regular Atlantic City Blackjack, but also offers a progressive side bet. Get four aces of the same color, and you’ll win the entire jackpot! Smaller prizes can also be earned for getting two or more aces to start a hand.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack: Again, the rules for this game are identical to Atlantic City Blackjack, with two exceptions. One is the Perfect Pairs side bet, which gives the player a chance to win when they are dealt two cards of the same rank to start a hand; the pay table on this game at Cryptologic casinos is 5.79%. The other difference is that only five decks are used in the shoe, which lowers the house edge on the blackjack game slightly to 0.47%.

Vegas Blackjack: This Vegas-style blackjack game offers players a couple advantages that the above games do not. First, the player is allowed to option to surrender hands; secondly, the game is dealt out of a four-deck shoe. This combination gives a relatively low house edge of 0.34%.

Single Deck Blackjack: This single-deck blackjack game is great for the player, but it doesn’t come without a few disadvantages. The player is not allowed to double down after splitting, and the dealer will hit a soft 17, both of which work to increase the house edge. However, this game is still an excellent deal, with a house edge of 0.21%.

More About Cryptologic

To discover more about one of the oldest and biggest casino software providers, you can navigate to the Cryptologic homepage using the link listed below.