Pinnacle Casino Blackjack

Rating: 9.5
Pinnacle Casino Blackjack
0.3% Lifetime Cashback Deal

Amongst sports bettors, Pinnacle is one of the biggest names in the world, as they are one of the most upstanding companies to be found in the business, boasting an immaculate reputation in an industry where there have been many issues.

Although known primarily for their sports betting arm, Pinnacle Casino are also the number one choice for high stakes blackjack players outside of the USA, as they offer table limits that go as high as $10,000 per bet.


  • One of the world's most frequented sports betting sites.
  • Highest limits available anywhere online, up to 10k per hand.
  • Well laid out and easy to navigate software.
  • Attractive design and engaging gameplay.

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Pinnacle Casino Review

Pinnacle Casino is the online casino portal of the popular sportsbook Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle Sports also offers online poker. Pinnacle Casino has been licensed in the gaming jurisdiction of Curacao. You can wager at Pinnacle Casino without hesitation because its random number generator has been approved by leading industry body -Certified Fair Gambling. It's financial security has also been certified by industry watchdog Network Solutions. Playing at Pinnacle Casino is easy because no software downloads or installing is required. Simply go to their website, sign up and start playing.

Pinnacle Casino Blackjack Games

Wager at Pinnacle Casino if you are a hard core blackjack fan. There are two standard blackjack games. The table limit on one of them is $500. If that is too little for you try out the high limit blackjack betting game where players can wager up to $10,000 per bet. Blackjack at the Pinnacle Casino uses a 6 deck shoe, with a new shoe for each game. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, and the familiar rules on Hitting, Doubling, Standing or Splitting apply. If you want to satisfy yourself that Pinnacle Casino is the place for blackjack players, check out the winners list that has players winning over $400,000 in High Stakes Blackjack. Pinnacle Casino also offers Pontoon blackjack, which is a variant of blackjack in which both dealer’s cards are dealt face down and blackjack pays 2 to 1. To take a break from blackjack wager on roulette, poker or other online casino games including the high value, high payout progressive slots that give players the chance for even bigger wins. Click here to play blackjack at Pinnacle Casino *Please note that Pinnacle Casino is restricted to all Swedish players.

Pinnacle Casino Blackjack Bonus

Pinnacle Casino offers a fantastic and unusual blackjack VIP bonus. There is no need to make a deposit or to win a prize. Every wager placed on any blackjack game offers a cashback bonus of 0.3%. It does not matter whether the player wins or loses. Check out what this cashback bonus will be for the highest wagering levels of $10,000 per bet. Once a day at approximately 2 AM Pacific Time the cashback bonus is calculated by multiplying the total wagers in the previous 24 hour period by 0.003 and transferring the bonus amount to the player's casino account. The cashback bonus is available for other games as well. However certain bets are not counted for the cashback bonus such as double down wagers in video poker and odds bets in craps.

Pinnacle Casino Blackjack Information

The Help section at Pinnacle Casino provides complete details about each game, including the various blackjack games. The blackjack information provided includes how to place wagers, how to play the games, the various blackjack moves, the house rules and casino tool bar buttons. Check out the exciting Game Activity Report, which is available in blackjack games. This report can be accessed from within the game by click on the Toolbar’s Play Log button to get a summary of the game activity. The resulting list shows the last 500 games, with the most recent at the top. The information provided includes date, time and amount won or lost. Pinnacle Casino also provides detailed Help sections on cashier functions, promotions and technical issues. Additionally, Colombian and Brazilian players can now deposit in their local currency - Brazilian Real and Colombian Peso respectively.