Littlewoods Blackjack

Rating: 8
Littlewoods Blackjack
100% up to $100 Bonus

Littlewoods Casino has a history behind it that few online casinos can match. It has its roots in Littlewoods, a company started in England back in 1923.

Part of their business was in organizing football pools, a business that was eventually bought by Sportech PLC, which founded Littlewoods Gaming – the owners of Littlewoods Casino.

  • Highly respected brand in online gaming.
  • Large variety of blackjack games to play.
  • Fast clearing signup bonus.
  • High payout % of more than 98%.

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Littlewoods Casino Review

With nearly 70 years of gambling knowledge, combined with a great selection of blackjack and other games and an excellent bonus, Littlewoods Casino has quickly become one of the leading online casino sites.

Littlewoods Blackjack Games

Littlewoods Casino offers three unique blackjack games that all give you a fairly good chance of coming out ahead against the casino. First, there’s their “Classic 21” game, which most resembles typical blackjack, and carries a house edge of about 0.49%. There’s also a multi-hand blackjack game that allows you to try up to three hands at a time, using typical rules including an eight deck shoe.

Perhaps the most interesting option available is Littlewoods’ Crazy Blackjack game. The basic game offered is just standard blackjack, which may not be particularly enticing; you can also play up to three hands, as you can in their standard multi-hand game. However, there are three different side bets offered in Crazy Blackjack, each of which adds something unique to the action. First, there’s the “Safe Bet.” This bet pays 3-2 if your starting hand if your starting hand is between 12-16, and doesn’t include an ace or a pair that you can split.

If you choose to play two or three hands at a time, you’ll also have the option to make the Highest Hand Bet, which pays out if you can predict which of your hands will have the highest value at the start of the hand. You may only bet on one of your hands, and the odds pay out as follows:

  • Two Hands: 1-1
  • Two Hands, Winning Hand is a Blackjack: 2-1
  • Three Hands: 2-1
  • Three Hands, Winning Hand is a Blackjack: 7-2

Finally, there’s the more familiar 777 Jackpot Bet, a bet that’s similar to the Super Sevens bet found at many casinos. However, this one plays more like a jackpot, as it only pays out if you start with three sevens! The payouts on a £1 bet are:

  • Any Three Sevens: £1,500
  • Three Sevens, All Spades: £30,000

Of course, if you’d like to indulge yourself with other casino games, Littlewoods Casino has plenty of other gambling opportunities, too. You can choose from dozens of different classic and video slots, many of which have progressive jackpots. Littlewoods also has all of the most popular table games, like Three Card Poker, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat. There’s a good selection of video poker machines, and you can even play keno if you’re looking for something simple and relaxing to try.

Littlewoods Casino also offers a great deposit bonus that is structured slightly differently than most of the casino bonuses we review. Essentially, it’s a typical 100% matching first deposit bonus of up to £100. However, you’ll receive half of the bonus up front, meaning you can play with some of your bonus right off the bat! This gives you a great opportunity to play some of the casino’s games with their own money. The rest of the bonus is given when you fulfill the wagering requirements.

With great games backed by some of the best software around, and with an excellent (and unique) bonus to match, Littlewoods Casino is one of our favorite online blackjack casinos. Open a Littlewoods Casino account today, and we’re confident you’ll find yourself coming back for more, too.