Televised Blackjack

Television is all about popularity and demand. Programs that are aired are chosen because the producers feel that there will be a demand for such entertainment.

Over the last few years televised gambling has appeared and then become more popular. This has occurred with the increase in the popularity of the gambling games themselves and the increase in their accessibility to the lay person.

Now, not only can people gamble online from the comfort of their own homes, but they can watch professional blackjack players in a competitive environment from the comfort of their own homes as well.

Televised gambling first became popular with poker tournaments. Many major poker events were televised and then television networks began branching out to smaller tournaments as well. This televised gambling excitement has now taken hold of blackjack as well.

Televised Blackjack Tournaments

Many of the major blackjack tournament events are now being televised and can be viewed on some of the major television network channels. These blackjack events include the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and the World Series of Blackjack. Already, multiple seasons and episodes of these tournament events have been viewed for the wider television audiences.

The World Series of Blackjack

The World Series of Blackjack (WSOB) is an annual event that has been televised on a major television network. Players compete for large prize pools in the vicinity of $1 million. Generally 25 to 40 players participate in a season and the season is televised in its entirety in a number of episodes.

Many well-known names in the world of blackjack have participated in these major blackjack events that have been televised. These names include Stanford Wong, James Grosjean, Ken Smith, Jean Scott, Orel Hershiser, Dave Stann, Shannon Elizabeth and Penn Jillette. These names include online blackjack experts, card counters and celebrities and they can all be viewed live thanks to televised blackjack events.

The Benefits of Televised Blackjack

Televised blackjack can only increase the popularity of the game of blackjack further. While televising these events began due to an increase in interest in the game, it is now helping to create even more interest. Televising major blackjack events creates an awareness that the game had not previously experienced. Together with Hollywood movies that have been and are going to continue being created based on the game of blackjack, televised blackjack events are bringing blackjack into people’s living rooms.

People are able to use the knowledge that they have learnt about the game of blackjack and try to apply it to the games that they are watching on television. Watching the experts playing live can provide essential visual input for those who are trying to improve their game. It is possible to try to “play along” with the experts to test your skills in a safe and controlled way. Aside from pure entertainment, televised blackjack tournament events can provide essential visual information for players who are learning the game of blackjack or who are trying to improve their skills.