Blackjack Careers

Playing blackjack for a living is not quite as simple a matter as playing poker for a living, since playing blackjack with perfect strategy is not good enough to make money. There is still what is called a house edge which means that the casino is set up to always win slightly more than the player.

If you play with perfect blackjack strategy, over the course of an infinite number of games, the house will come out roughly .35% to .61% ahead, depending upon the specific house rules. If blackjack pays 6:5, the house edge is over 1%, while other rules can increase or decrease the house edge to a lesser degree. There are a few things that a player can do to deal with this issue.

Card Counting

If you are at a real casino and you are good at keeping track of what cards have been played, you can improve your odds. Basically, card counting is done by keeping track of whether there are more high or low cards left in the deck.

High cards favor the player while lower cards favor the casino. If you can count cards and raise your bets slightly when the count is in your favor, you can eliminate the difference caused by the house edge.

Blackjack Tournaments

If you don’t want to count cards, but you want to use your head to win at blackjack, there is a great way to win money by being a great blackjack player. When you play blackjack tournaments, you pit your talents against those of other players. While you still play each hand against the dealer, your goal is to play better than the other players and end up with a better bankroll than the other players. The strategy involved is far more complex than simply playing a straight blackjack game, since how much you bet on a particular strategic hand when you’re playing a blackjack tournament can be the difference between winning and losing even if you win much more often than your opponents. If you do well at online blackjack tournaments, you may be able to go on the live blackjack tournament circuit.

Be a Blackjack Dealer

If you want to be guaranteed a salary while playing blackjack all day, you can become a dealer. While it’s not quite the same as being a player, the dealer never goes broke at the table. Even if the dealer goes bust ten hands in a row, the dealer still gets paid for the day.

In fact, if the dealer goes bust ten hands in a row, he’s likely to walk out with some nice tips from the players who just won! If you really feel like you want to play blackjack for a living, then you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of being a dealer or a pit boss. Life behind the scenes in a casino is very interesting. While it lacks some of the glamour of being a professional gambler, it does offer the opportunity to meet interesting people.