Mandriva Blackjack

One of the most popular Linux operating systems based on RPM, Mandriva Linux is a French-developed Linux distribution that’s free and open source. It’s a great option for Linux users, and works just fine if you want to play online blackjack, too. Here are some tips if you’d like to play Mandriva blackjack.

United States: Online Blackjack Sites That Are Mandriva Compatible

Can I Play Online Blackjack Using Mandriva?

Your online blackjack options may at first appear to be limited when using a Linux OS such as Mandriva. No major online casino has made a client for Linux users, instead spending their time perfecting the Windows version of their client (and occasionally building a Mac client as well).

However, there are a few options that are available to you. For one, almost all online casinos now offer Flash or Java-powered browser-based clients. These clients allow you to connect to the casino through your browser, meaning that players can use it no matter what operating system they’re running. If your online casino site of choice offers this option, it’s probably the easiest way to get into Mandriva blackjack.

However, there’s another great option for Mandriva users who feel at least somewhat computer savvy. There are programs that will allow you to run Windows programs in a Linux environment, giving you access to a world of software you otherwise wouldn’t be able to run – including online casino clients! One popular program that allows you to do this is named Wine, and while not every program will work perfectly through Wine, most online casinos should work well; in most cases, you’ll have full functionality, especially if you’re comfortable playing around with settings in Wine.

About The Mandriva Linux Distribution

Originally based on Red Hat Linux, Mandriva Linux was first developed in 1998. At the time, it actually known as Linux-Mandrake, and would later become Mandrake Linux. The company that developed the program, Mandriva (then known as MandrakeSoft) is based in Paris, France.

The biggest events in the history of the company came in the middle of the last decade. First, in 2004, MandrakeSoft was targeted by the Hearst Corporation in a trademark lawsuit. Hearst claimed that the company was infringing on their character Mandrake the Magician.

At first, Mandrake tried to make minor changes, hoping that it would resolve the issue. The company became Mandrakesoft, and the software became Mandrakelinux, with the idea that these names were less likely to be assumed to have any sort of connection to the Mandrake character.

Soon thereafter, Mandrakesoft acquired Conectiva, a company in Brazil that produced a Linux distribution for Portuguese and Spanish-speaking users throughout South and Central America. With the looming issue of the trademark dispute with Hearst, this seemed like the perfect time to rebrand their products. Combining the two company names, the company was reborn as Mandriva, and the OS was remaned Mandriva Linux.

Today, Mandriva is available in a few different versions. Users can get the Mandriva Linux Free distribution, which only features free and open-source software; there is also the Mandriva Linux Powerpack, which is the commercial distribution and features additional software packages and non-free drivers that add additional functionality.