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If you live in the Netherlands, chances are you’re familiar with the iDEAL system. This online payment method allows customers of several major Dutch banks to make purchases on the Internet directly from their bank accounts. This fast, secure payment method is a great way to fund an online casino account. By using iDEAL, blackjack players can start playing right away, as payments are usually processed instantly.

Can I Deposit Using iDEAL to Play Online Blackjack?

If you live in the Netherlands and have an online banking account, chances are that you have access to the iDEAL online payment system. An increasing number of online casinos are accepting iDEAL (and other national or local payment systems), meaning that you will be able to use iDEAL to make deposits into an online casino account directly from your bank account.

While iDEAL is becoming increasingly accepted at most major casino sites, it is not yet universally listed as a deposit option at all online casinos. Generally, those casinos that have made a practice of accepting other local online payment methods accept iDEAL, while those that only use more general payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers do not.

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History of iDEAL as a Deposit Method

The iDEAL payment method was first introduced to the Netherlands in 2005. The iDEAL system is based on online banking, allowing customers to buy products and services on the Internet using online transfers that come directly from their bank accounts. Several major banks in the Netherlands participate in the iDEAL program, including ING Bank and most other major Dutch banks.

One of the best features of iDEAL is the way that customers interact with it. In almost all cases, iDEAL uses the same interface as a customer’s online banking website, meaning the customer can directly make payments from the same online banking page that they use for all of their other banking needs, like bill payments.

In most cases, the process for making a payment through iDEAL is designed to provide maximum security for both the customer and the merchant. First, the merchant will offer iDEAL as a payment method on their site. When the customer chooses to use iDEAL, they will be prompted to choose their bank from a list. This will then send the customer back to their banking website, where the bank itself will display the transaction information. The customer can then approve the transaction, which is immediately authorized by the bank. The merchant immediately receives payment, allowing them to begin processing the order immediately.

While iDEAL can only be used by merchants who have an account at one of the participating Dutch banks, this does not mean that foreign merchants cannot take advantage of the service. The easiest way for a foreign company to utilize iDEAL is by using a “Collecting Payment Service Provider” which holds a Dutch account; this is the method used by many online gambling sites which are located in countries around the world.

iDEAL is run by Currence, a Dutch organization owned by the nation’s major banks to organize payment processing systems. In 2010, nearly 69 million money transfers were made using the iDEAL payment system.