High Stakes Blackjack

For those who like to bet big, there is no better place to play, than at the high stakes tables. Traditionally found in designated areas of real world casinos, high rollers can now get access to the same type of betting limits from the comfort of their own homes via high roller friendly online casinos. You can play high stakes blackjack now by choosing from any of the top high limit online casinos listed underneath. These casinos are all high roller friendly and all accept players from the USA with a max wager of $500-$5000 per hand.

Best High Stakes Blackjack Sites For Players In United States

Blackjack has rightfully taken its place as the most popular of all table games in casinos throughout most of the world, thanks to the low house edge the game typically offers, as well as the strategic element that allows players to have more control over their fate than in most casino games. These same factors that have made blackjack so popular among rank and file gamblers have also made blackjack one of the games of choice for high rollers.

High stakes blackjack is now a serious business for casinos around the world – but not always a profitable one. High stakes players tend to take the blackjack very seriously, with some players scoring huge victories over the casinos at the blackjack tables. If there’s one game every high stakes gambler should take the time to learn, blackjack is it.

High Stakes Blackjack in Online Casinos

While online casinos haven’t been around for as long as their brick-and-mortar cousins, they rely just as much on the business of high stakes players when it comes to making a profit. However, the definition of what counts as high stakes is likely considerably lower for an online casino than it is for a typical land-based resort.

This is largely true for three reasons. First, it’s a little bit harder for a player to move millions of dollars into an online casino account than it is to deposit it at a “real” casino — and chances are that most players who want to spend that much money would like to have the entire resort experience to go along with their high stakes gambling, anyway. Secondly, most online casinos, while well-funded, don’t have the kind of cash reserves necessary to take bets of $100,000 a hand, even if they wanted to.

Finally, since online casinos have lower costs to operate than a live casino, they tend to offer players the option to bet at lower stakes than any live casino could possibly provide. While blackjack of under $5 is fairly rare in live casinos, almost all online casinos allow players to play blackjack for $1 a hand or less. In fact, some online casinos offer blackjack for just a penny! This means that players are accustomed to playing for smaller bets in general when playing online. In this environment, even a gambler wagering $100 per hand is likely to be treated like a whale at most online casinos, and going much higher than that will make the casino management treat you like royalty.

If you want to play high stakes blackjack at online casinos, but are disappointed with the limits offered, it never hurts to ask the casino’s customer support staff if you can have your limits raised. Many online casinos are happy to offer bigger bets to high stakes players upon request, especially if you’re a part of the casino’s VIP program.

High Stakes Blackjack in Brick and Mortar Casinos

Brick and Mortar casinos have a long history of offering high stakes blackjack to their players. High stakes gamblers – known as whales in the gambling community – are often heavily competed for by land-based casinos, as even one that has a bad day at the blackjack tables can have a huge benefit to the casino’s bottom line.

On the other hand, a whale that goes on a hot streak at the blackjack tables can nearly ruin a casino. For instance, take the story of Don Johnson, who won over $15 million from Atlantic City casinos in late 2010 and early 2011. In one particularly amazing session, he caused the Tropicana Casino and Resort a record loss of $5.8 million over 12 hours.

Depending on your definition of what constitutes “high stakes,” you may be able to find high stakes games in different parts of the casino. Many standard blackjack tables have limits that go as high as $500 or even $1,000 or more per hand, which most people would consider a lot of money to put down in a casino. However, many players who want to wager that much would rather have a little more privacy while they play, which can be found in most casinos’ VIP rooms. These are the areas that are usually roped off from the general public, and feature high minimums and even higher maximum bets. In these areas, it’s commonplace to see players wagering thousands of dollars on a single hand, and you’ll often find athletes, celebrities and other millionaires playing blackjack together in these rooms.

Of course, if you want to make bets like Johnson’s, you’ll likely be playing in an even more private setting. Not every casino can even take a $100,000 bet, and those that do are likely to do anything to cater to the players who ask for such high action – and to keep them playing for as long as possible.

Why Play High Stakes Blackjack?

There are several reasons why you might like to play high stakes blackjack. Of course, you might just feel like you’d like to wager for higher amounts than the average player, and thus enjoy the rush that comes from making big bets. But most players who choose to play high stakes blackjack are in it for one of two reasons.

First, players who make big bets get the best treatment at casinos. In a live casino, this means free meals, free rooms, and perks like cash back on losses. While online casinos can’t cook you a meal, they can offer similar discounts on your losing sessions, as well as comp points that can be used to gain even more cash back or be redeemed for merchandise and other benefits.

However, there’s another benefit of playing blackjack for high stakes. If you’re an advantage player through card counting or other methods, you’ll want to play at the highest stakes possible to get as big a payout on your winnings as you can (at least, if you can avoid getting caught). We don’t know if this was what Mr. Johnson was doing while he played in Atlantic City, but if he did, it likely represents one of the largest hauls by an individual card counter of all time!

Live Blackjack Advantages – Counting

There are a few advantages to live blackjack when you’re a high roller. One main advantage is the possibility of card counting. Whereas you cannot count cards at an online casino, you can count cards at a live blackjack table. On the other hand, you’ll need to be very careful not to be caught. If a pit boss or dealer suspects that you are counting, they may kick you out or employ one of a number of devious methods of throwing off your count. They may also simply shuffle the deck more frequently. As a result, you’ll need to make sure not to vary your wagers too wildly when the count is in your favor and you shouldn’t stay too long at any one table or casino.

Live Blackjack Advantages – Comps

If you’re not going to count or if you are able to keep the dealers and pit bosses from noticing that you’re counting, you should enjoy the other big advantage of being a high roller when you’re in a land-based casino. That other advantage is, of course, comps.

Comps can be a very big deal. They start out small. At first you’ll get drinks or meals for free. Be sure not to drink too much alcohol as it will dull your senses and hurt your game. Then you can get show tickets and free hotel room upgrades or even free hotel stays!

Online Blackjack Advantages

There are some advantages to online blackjack for high rollers. One advantage is that you can play at your own pace, without ever being speeded along by an impatient dealer or slowed down by a new and slow players. Another advantage is that you can vary your bets any way you choose, allowing you to play with betting systems more effectively than you could at a live casino. You can play $1 or $100 without getting up and moving to another table, since most online casinos have very little to limit play at their blackjack tables.

Another big advantage to playing online is that most online blackjack casinos have a comp points system that pays cash. If you’re a high roller and you only manage to break even after a serious session, you may discover that the comp points you’ve accumulated make a big difference and put you well in profit!