High Roller Bonuses

Everyone knows that casinos love high rollers. A casino might treat all their customers well, but the real bonuses and perks always go to those who are betting big at the tables. In live casinos, this means free rooms and special areas dedicated to the big spenders. In the online casino world, the whales get rewarded with special high roller bonuses that try to lure in the biggest gamblers with huge benefits and serious value for their play.

Best High Roller Bonuses

What is a High Roller Bonus?

A high roller bonus is any casino bonus that is only available to high-stakes players or those willing to make big deposits. These bonuses usually come with very high minimums, along with large maximums, and give big matching percentages to give high rollers the most bang for their buck.

To see just what kind of difference a high roller bonus can make, let’s take a look at one of our favorite online casinos, Cherry Red Casino. At Cherry Red Casino, there’s already a huge welcome bonus for any player who wants to play there. New players are entitled to a 100% matching bonus of up to $10000. It’s a pretty good offer, and since you can get the same deal on each of your first ten deposits, most players will be very happy with this bonus.

But high rollers deserve some thing extra special, and Cherry Red Casino is more than happy to oblige its most valued patrons. The high roller bonus is a very specific deal that requires the player to deposit $1,000. If they do so, they get a $1,500 bonus – the equivalent of a 150% match! High rollers can also get this same deal on their second deposit, too.

Not surprisingly, the high roller bonuses don’t stop after the initial deposit, either. Almost all casinos have extensive VIP rewards programs, and since high rollers are the biggest players, they also earn the biggest rewards. Often, one of the benefits of being a VIP is earning more high roller bonuses that give you deals ordinary players simply don’t have access to.

Finding a Good High Roller Bonus

If you’re a high roller looking for the best possible bonus, there are a few things you should look for before picking an online blackjack casino. First of all, for high rollers more than anyone else, the maximum bonus amount is of critical importance. You’ll want to find a casino that’s willing to give you as much of a bonus as possible, especially since – as a high roller – you’re likely to play enough in the casino to clear the bonus no matter how big it is.

The other thing to consider is what additional rewards you’ll be getting on top of the high roller bonus. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the casino, make sure that the rewards program will make it well worth your while to play there; in the long run, a good rewards program can be worth a lot more to a high roller than even the best bonus offer.