Opening Blackjack Account

Step 1: Finding the Right Casino

There are dozens of online casinos out there, and it can be very hard to find the right one to play at. When you see an online casino that you think you’d like to play at, there are a number of things you should look at. First, if you like to play blackjack online, you should decide if you want to play blackjack tournaments. Very few online casinos have blackjack tournaments, so that will limit your selection significantly if you do want to play tournaments. Second, you should look for a site that has special promotions that pertain to blackjack players. Standard bonuses never apply to blackjack, so you’ll need to look for a site that has a blackjack player bonus.

Step 2: To Download or Not to Download?

Downloading casino software is not a big deal, but there are times when it is not a great idea. If you are playing from a computer that does not belong to you, such as a work computer or a friend’s computer, it is probably a better idea not to download casino software. If the casino doesn’t have a no-download option, you might need to find a different online casino. If you have a Macintosh computer or if you are running a Unix-based operating system, there may not be a downloadable version of the casino that will work on your computer. While some online casinos do have Macintosh blackjack versions, Linux blackjack versions are somewhat more of a rarity. Often, you will be able to play the games in the no-download version of the casino, though.

Step 3: Registration Information

You will need to fill in all of the registration information truthfully and accurately. If you don’t, and you win money, you won’t be able to withdraw the money later. You need to give your real name and your correct email address for verification in order to register. Some sites ask for more information including your home address and your phone number. Do not give any financial information until you are ready to make a deposit, though. Never give your social security number to an online casino! You will usually be asked to confirm your email address. This is an important step, and your account will not work if you do not confirm the email address.

Playing For Free

Before you make a deposit, take a tour of the casino. Play all of the games that you think you might want to play. Try them out. Make sure that you understand how they are played. Make sure that you like how they are played. If you don’t understand something, check the help files or contact the support. If you don’t get a good answer, don’t make a deposit. If you aren’t happy with the games, don’t bother with the casino any more. Move on to a different one. If you are happy with everything, then it is time to move on to creating a real money account. Find one of the many ways to make a deposit at the online casino, and you’ll be on your way to playing blackjack for real money. If you are from the U.S, make sure our read our guide to playing online casino games in our USA Blackjack section.