Blackjack Terms

As is the case with any game, it is well worthwhile learning all about the blackjack pursuit before playing. Obtaining a complete insight into the rules and how to play is a valuable and even necessary asset before playing and placing money on the blackjack table. It is recommended to take a look at a blackjack glossary of terms in order to understand particular words and expressions used in the blackjack game.

Blackjack Glossary of Terms

Bankroll: This is the amount of money that a player has available for betting.

Blackjack: This is the name of the game, but also this term is used for the best possible hand that is a jack, or another card worth 10, together with an ace.

Bust: This term relates to the case where the total of a player’s cards exceed 21 and the hand is therefore disqualified and the player loses.

Card counting: This refers to a blackjack strategy in which the player aims to improve the odds of winning. This method follows the high and low cards that have already been dealt.

Double down: This act means the doubling of the bet and receiving one more card and takes place after a player has viewed the first two cards.

Draw: This relates to receiving another card (like hit).

Edge: This term relates to an advantage that can either be held by the player or the casino.

Face Cards: These cards are the King, Queen and Jack cards and they are each worth 10.

Hard hand: Such a hand has no ace or may involve an ace that is counted with the value of 1 so that a player does not go bust.

High roller: This is a gamer that bets large amounts of money.

Hole card: This expression relates to the dealer’s card that is face down.

Hit: This term relates to a player’s request for another card (like draw)

Insurance: When a dealer’s shown card is an ace, at many blackjack games the player has the option of taking out insurance. This is an additional bet of up to half the amount of the original bet placed and is a wager on the dealer’s hand revealing a blackjack.

Multiple deck: A multiple deck game of blackjack has more than one deck of cards in contrast to a single deck game.

Natural: This refers to a hand involving a total of 21 created out of two cards.

Push: A push or a tie occurs when the respective hands of the player and the dealer have the same card total. In such an event, the player does not win or lose money.

Soft hand: Such a hand includes an ace with a value of 11.

Stand: This happens when a player remains with the cards that have been dealt.

Surrender: This is an option that is offered at some games of blackjack. This provides the player with the possibility of giving up on the hand that has been dealt and forfeiting half the amount of the bet.

Hopefully, this glossary of blackjack terms will be useful in providing an improved understanding of the blackjack game. If you would like to further explore terminology in relation to blackjack, we suggest consulting an online dictionary.