Blackjack Systems

There are many blackjack betting systems that exist to help you to improve the outcome of your game. The most common betting systems are those that use card counting, however there are others such as well. Here we will focus on some of the card counting betting systems so read on, practice and see what a difference they make.

Why Use a Card Counting System

Card counting systems provide ways to keep track of the number of high cards versus low cards that remain in the deck. The player then adjusts his bet according to the count that he makes. It is most important to choose a card counting system that you find easy to remember. If you make a mistake with your counting, the error can cost you a lot of money.

Types of Card Counting Systems

There are simple and more complex card counting systems. It is recommended for you to first learn a simple system and master that before you attempt to tackle a more complex one.

There are two ways of categorizing card counting systems.

Single level systems attribute +1 to high cards and -1 to low cards. Your count only ever fluctuates by one point making it a simple system to follow.

Multi-level systems attribute different values to different cards. This system is more difficult to use during play, but it is more accurate.

In balanced systems, the total points for a 52-card deck add up to 0.

In unbalanced systems, the total points for a 52-card deck do not add up to 0.

The Hi-Lo Count System

The Hi-Lo count system is a single level, balanced system making it one of the simple card counting systems.

In this system, cards 2-6 are valued at +1, cards 7-9 are valued at 0 and cards 10-Ace are valued at -1.

The KO Count System

The KO count system is similar to the Hi-Lo count except that it is an unbalanced system in that the total points for the deck to not add up to 0. This system is also referred to as the knock-out system.

In the KO count system, cards 2-7 are valued at +1, cards 8 and 9 are valued at 0 and cards 10-Ace are valued at -1.

The Hi-Opt I Count System

The Hi-Opt I count system is a single level, unbalanced system. It is slightly more complicated than the above 2 in that there are more differences in the values of cards.

In the Hi-Opt I count system, 2 is valued at 0, cards 3-6 are valued at +1, cards 7-9 are valued at 0, cards 10-King are valued at -1 and Ace is valued at 0.

The Hi-Opt II Count System

The Hi-Opt II count system is a multi-level, balanced system and it is the most complicated of these systems.

In the Hi-Opt II count systems:

  • cards 2 and 3 equal +1
  • cards 4 and 5 equal +2
  • cards 6 and 7 equal +1
  • cards 8 and 9 equal 0
  • cards 10-King equal -2
  • Ace equals 0

If you are comfortable with these basic card counting systems, start looking at more advanced card counting systems such as the Zen Count System