Blackjack Bonuses

Where to Find Online Blackjack Bonuses – Welcome Bonuses

When it comes to online casinos, they can’t very well offer you a drink, so most sites will offer you cash instead. Not only do they offer you comp points, though, they also offer you sign-up bonuses. There’s a catch to this, though. Many times, the sign-up bonuses aren’t redeemable through blackjack play.

You’ll need to check the fine print, but it’s a good bet that a site will not give you a 100% bonus to play blackjack, since blackjack is a game with a much lower house edge than most online casino games.

Some online casino sites, however, have special blackjack bonuses. If you look at the bonuses, they might list a special blackjack bonus. You might have to contact customer support to get the special blackjack bonus. The terms for redeeming the blackjack bonus will be different from the terms for redeeming the regular bonus. U.S.A players should check out our guide to U.S Blackjack to find out what sites are legal and safe for Americans especially in the wake of what happened with online poker sites in April 2011.

Types of Blackjack Bonuses

Listed in the table below are the most common types of blackjack bonus that you will find online.

Blackjack Welcome Bonuses – A Word of Warning

If you take a welcome bonus that is not specifically intended for blackjack and start playing blackjack, the bonus will often be voided. Sometimes the site will take some of your initial deposit as well. It is crucial not to take a deposit bonus for blackjack without reading the fine print. If you’re not sure, simply refuse the bonus entirely, and ask the customer service what kind of bonus they offer for blackjack players.

Welcome Bonus – Another Option

If you don’t want to let a welcome bonus go to waste, but the site doesn’t have a blackjack bonus, you can accept the bonus and then play one of the games that they do allow, like slots, until you’ve met the bonus requirement. Then you can play blackjack. Be aware, though, that the requirements are often so hefty that you’ll be left with nothing after you’ve met the cashout requirements.

The Real Blackjack Bonuses

The question remains, then, where to find real blackjack bonuses. Real blackjack bonuses are best found in comp schemes. You can earn a lot of comp points playing blackjack. Since you can also win big playing blackjack, the comp points can be a real bonus and put you way ahead of the game.

How to Get Blackjack Bonuses at Land-Based Casinos

At land-based casinos, they’re not called bonuses, but you can get some wonderful extras when you play blackjack at a casino for even just a few hours. You might get drinks or a free meal, but you might get show tickets, or even a free hotel room. These are called comps, short for complementary, and you should enjoy them, because they have real value. You don’t have to be a high stakes player to get them either. You won’t get them with a ten dollar bankroll, but betting five dollars a hand over a few hours will be enough to win you some good comps. If you’re on a trip to Vegas, be sure to play at a casino that is known for good comps, and be sure to play in the same casino the whole trip in order to take advantage of the maximum number of comps while you’re there!