Bankroll Management

With any casino game or poker, it is very important to practice proper bankroll management. In a game that possesses a luck element, it is important to realize the possibility of a losing streak. In this case, you will need to have yourself covered and your bankroll will need to be able to take this hit. After you have opened your blackjack account you will start making some of the considerations mentioned below. We hope to make this clear in your head before you start playing.

How Much Should I Start With?

This really depends upon a lot of factors. First, if you can find an online casino that accepts bets of fifty cents, then you can allow yourself a lower bankroll than if your online casino starts bets at five dollars. The most important thing, though, when you’re deciding on your bankroll is to decide how much money you can afford to lose. When you play blackjack, sometimes you win, and sometimes you have a bad streak and you lose every cent you put in.

As a result, you should only put in as much money as you can afford to lose. Only use money earmarked for entertainment. Do not count on winning, since this might not happen. If you do win, enjoy the winnings, but if you don’t, you’ll still need to eat for the rest of the month.

How Much Should I Bet?

This depends upon a few factors. If you’re new to blackjack, start by playing the lowest possible bet. Remember that statistically speaking, you’re likely to win slightly fewer than half of the hands, so you shouldn’t feel bad if you win on a hand that you bet very little on. As long as you have a good bankroll, there will be plenty more wins later on. In general, a good bankroll is about fifty times your opening bet. This allows some ups and downs in your play. If you have fifty dollars to play with, you should avoid opening bets of more than one dollar. If you have five hundred dollars, you can play ten dollar bets, and so on. If you bet more than that, you will likely exhaust your bankroll just when you’re getting started, and it will feel quite frustrating.

What About Betting Systems?

The most popular betting system, the Martingale system, seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not such a brilliant system. First, even if you don’t hit a streak of bad luck and go bankrupt, you only come up a single unit ahead every time you win. Second, you’re all too likely to hit a streak of bad luck and go bankrupt. Assume that you started playing with fifty dollars, and you start with a bet of one dollar. If you lose just 6 hands in a row, you are already bankrupt, and that’s not accounting for splitting and doubling. In short, avoid betting systems. They’re a very good way to go bankrupt, and they’re not good for much more.

When Should I Stop Playing?

You should set an upper and lower limit for each session of play before you begin playing. If you reach the upper limit, you should cash out. You can leave some in your account for your next session, but be sure to take some of your winnings out. Be aware, too, that if you don’t play frequently, some online casinos will take a holding fee out of your account each month. If you finish your budget for the day, do not play any more.

Even if you’re sure that you will win big on the next hand. This is called chasing losses, and it is how gamblers go broke. Don’t do it. If you’ve lost all the money you set aside for blackjack for a session, go do something else. There are probably dishes that need washing, laundry that needs folding, or a lawn that needs mowing. If not, every online casino has a play for free option.

One great way to increase your blackjack bankroll is through blackjack bonuses that are offered at the majority of online casinos.