Free Blackjack

In order to play blackjack for free online, simply choose one of our top five blackjack sites in the table further down the page. We’ve chosen these sites because they offer free and real money options, as well as offering downloadable software and browser based games. These handpicked casinos are Mac compatible and also Linux compatible for those who are using non-Windows operating systems.

If you would prefer to play straight away we ask you to try out our custom built blackjack game. This game, created by the gurus at is made in flash and allows you to play online blackjack instantly for free.

Free Blackjack Game

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Much of the excitement involved in playing blackjack is the possibility of winning money. However, there’s something to be said for the game of blackjack on its own merits, too. Blackjack is a game of strategy, and it’s often interesting to test your skill at the game with no actual money on the line. Free blackjack allows you to do just that – enjoy blackjack and refine your game without any risk to your bankroll. If you would like to play for money why not try some free no deposit chips at the casinos listed below.

No Deposit Bonus Blackjack Sites

How to Play Free Blackjack

If you like to play blackjack at live casinos, it’s going to be hard to find opportunities to play blackjack for free. Casinos aren’t generally in the business of using dealers and tables to allow people to play games without paying, although there are sometimes free classes designed to help you learn how to play games such as blackjack and craps. While a brick-and-mortar casino might offer you match play coupons that allow you to spend the casino’s money in conjunction with your own, you’re likely out of luck when it comes to truly playing free blackjack.

Online casinos, on the other hand, are an entirely different story. In the online world, you can play free blackjack to your heart’s content, with no pressure to jump into the world of real money blackjack until you feel absolutely ready.

Playing free blackjack online is actually very simple. Most casino sites offer free play options through their downloadable casinos or their web-based software platforms. These “play money” casinos allow you to try out most or all of the casino’s games without wagering real money. These games work exactly the same way as the real money blackjack tables; the only difference is that you’ll play using a fake money account. Even if you go on a losing streak and your play money account runs out of money, you can simply reload your account and continue playing.

More recently, some online casinos have begun developing mobile casino apps that can be used on mobile phones or tablet devices. Most of these mobile casinos feature blackjack, and some will allow you to play for free. Even if your favorite casino doesn’t have such a feature, there are several apps that will allow you to practice your blackjack skills on a phone, iPad or other device for free.

Why Play Free Blackjack?

For many gamblers, playing free blackjack might feel pretty empty. After all, what’s the point of going to the casino if you can’t win money? That said, there are several reasons why you might want to give free blackjack a try.

First, free blackjack is a perfect way to learn how to play blackjack. If you’ve never played the game before, you’ll probably make a lot of beginner’s mistakes. Doing so in real money games (either online or live) is likely to cost you money. However, if you make those same mistakes in free blackjack, there’s no harm done; once you do decide to play for real money, you’ll be less likely to make those same mistakes

Free blackjack is also the perfect way to master the strategies that are critical to becoming an expert blackjack player. For instance, there’s no better way to learn basic strategy than to play thousands of hands of blackjack while referring to a strategy chart. The idea is to slowly transition from using the chart for all hands to only using it for the toughest and closest situations, and eventually, learning every situation in the book by memory. This may seem to be a difficult goal, but it’s also an important one if you want to be an expert player and reduce the house edge on blackjack. Even if you wish to learn how to count cards at a live casino, you’ll first need to memorize basic strategy in order to gain as much of an advantage over the casino as possible.

Another reason to spend some time playing free blackjack is to learn more about online casino sites. This is really the reason why most online casinos have created free versions of their software – to allow players to “try before they buy,” so to speak. If you want to play blackjack at an online casino, it’s often a good idea to first play at several different free versions of casino sites first. After testing all of these different free blackjack games, you’ll have a better idea of which casinos have software that you enjoy playing.

Finally, blackjack can be a fun diversion even when there isn’t any money on the line. Maybe you’ve had a long day, are looking to take a short break from work, or just hit a big losing streak while playing for real money and want to blow off some steam. In any of these cases, free blackjack is a great way to get in a few hands without any of the pressure or anxiety that sometimes comes with wagering real money.