Play Online Blackjack Using A Credit Card

Credit cards are often the fastest and easiest way to fund an online gambling account. That means that if you’d like to play online blackjack, chances are that you’ll want to try using a credit card to make your deposit. If you arrived here searching for the best credit card blackjack sites then take your pick from those listed below all of which are reputable, safe and accept deposits from credit card users. For those who want to know more, below is a rundown on what you’ll need to know if you’d like to play blackjack using a credit card .

United States – Blackjack Sites That Accept Credit Card Deposits

Can I Use My Credit Card to Play Online Blackjack?

The question of using a credit card to play online blackjack isn’t a simple one to answer. The ability to use a credit card will vary depending on your bank, your location, and the online blackjack site in question. While some casinos go out of their way to accept credit cards, others are stingier, only accepting certain brands of cards or requiring extensive verifications before allowing their use.

The following guides should give you an idea of what to expect, in general, when attempting to use a credit card at most online casinos.


Almost all online casinos are happy to accept Visa, given that it is so widely distributed and a trusted brand name for both businesses and consumers. Many debit cards with the Visa logo can also be used as credit cards for purchases, as can many prepaid Visa cards.

Visa does not directly issue cards to consumers, instead allowing banks to issue cards with the Visa brand name on them to their customers. This means that Visa doesn’t have a single policy dealing with online gambling transactions. Instead, individual banks make their own policies when it comes to allowing or disallowing online gambling transactions, often in accordance with local laws.


MasterCard is in much the same position as Visa when it comes to online blackjack. Like Visa, cards are issued by member banks rather than MasterCard itself, meaning that not all MasterCards can be used in the same way at all online gambling sites. While almost all online casinos accept MasterCard, the ability for you to use your card will depend heavily on the policies of the bank that issues it.

American Express (AMEX)

American Express has much more control over the policies used for their cards than either Visa or MasterCard, since AMEX issues cards themselves. Unfortunately for online blackjack players, this means that the opportunities to use an American Express card are somewhat limited at online casinos. While a few online casinos do accept AMEX as a deposit option, your ability to use an AMEX card may be limited even at these sites.

Discover Card

The Discover Card appears to be a viable credit card blackjack option for some players – but not for everyone. Because Discover Bank issues the majority of cards, they’re able to have significant control over the uses of the card. They’ve used this to assign an online gambling merchant code to most online casinos and other gambling sites. In the United States, this typically means that Discover will reject online gambling transactions; however, in many other areas of the world, Discover cards will allow online gambling deposits to be made.

Diners Club Card

Diners Club International is now a subsidiary of Discover Financial, so many of the same rules apply as mentioned in the Discover section (in fact, most new Diners Club cards feature a Discover logo). A large number of online casinos offer Diners Club as a deposit method, but your success in using the card at your favorite online casino will be highly dependent on where you live, with Americans likely finding it more difficult than Europeans and others.

Video Explaining How to Deposit to an Online Casino Using Credit Card