Canada Blackjack gets a large amount of traffic from Canada which convinced us to create this page specifically for our Canadian readers. To begin with we’ve hand picked the top ten online blackjack sites that accept Canadian players. Further down the page you can read about the current online gambling laws in Canada as well as some basic info about the current taxation system

Canadian Online Gambling Laws and Regulations: What you need to know

One of the fastest growing regions of online poker players is the United States neighbor to the north; Canada. As more and more Canadians take to the virtual poker tables the questions of legality, taxation, as well as laws and regulations come up.

In this article I will outline everything Canadian poker players need to know about the laws governing online gambling and online poker in Canada, in addition to what the future might hold for Canadian online gamblers.

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Online Gambling Legality and Regulations for Canada

Canadians will find the legality of online poker differs from province to province, and even more confusing is that online poker falls into that troubling gray area that it does in the United States: When the question is posed, “Is online poker legal in Canada?” The answer is the ambiguous “yes and no!”

In Canada, the only legal forms of gambling are those authorized by the particular province and since online poker is not authorized by any Canadian province it is technically an illegal activity.

However, it’s only illegal to RUN a gambling operation; therefore the individuals wagering on poker are not doing anything illegal, and much like Australian and US poker players, Canadians can play online poker without fear of prosecution.

Basically, Canadians are currently in a similar situation to Americans, their government has prohibited online poker operators, but not the playing of online poker. And just like the US, Canada has seen these prohibitions ineffectual and almost impossible to enforce.

Current Climate in Canada

At the recent Canadian Gambling Conference –May 2010– delegates took on the topic of online poker, and many were quick to point out the waste of resources, and lack of significant results, with their current restrictions.

Another aspect of the debate is the growing supremacy –monopoly—of PokerStars and to a lesser extent Full Tilt Poker. It was pointed out that if these sites are allowed to continue their current growth it will quickly become impossible for Canadian based operators to compete for players should Canada legalize online poker. It would appear that Canadian legislators have done an extensive amount of research on what should be done with online poker.

The most obvious argument is that the Canadian government is watching Canadian money go overseas in the form of online poker wagers, never to return. At the conference a number of delegates from different provinces stated that they are planning online gaming legislation in the coming months which would be a welcome relief to residents who are frustrated with the vague laws now covering online poker.

Pending Online Poker Legislation in Canada

Two Canadian provinces, Quebec and British Columbia, have already started the ball rolling on expanding their gambling to include remote gambling –Internet—in their lotteries. In addition to the aforementioned two provinces Ontario is also looking into a similar measure.

Consultants have been hired by the Canadian provinces to identify the number of online poker players as well as how to create an online poker platform that will be well regulated and able to offer a large enough player base to lure players away from established sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Canadian Tax Laws Regarding Online Poker

Canadian tax laws regarding poker are pretty favorable to players. The law states that, “Winnings derived from a dedicated approach to gambling is taxable income”.

Basically if you are a professional poker player you will have to pay taxes on your winnings, but casual poker players –or poker players who have a separate primary source of income—do not have to pay taxes on their winnings at this time.

Unfortunately, the Income Tax Act does not provide any clear examples of professional poker players or online poker; and there are no court cases to use as precedent. So, players who are unsure if they are casual or professional should definitely seek advice form a professional accountant or tax attorney.

I suggest anyone who profits from online poker to keep meticulous records of their winnings –and losses—in the event they are audited. It’s always a good idea to have clear records on where any money is coming from, and this is coming from someone who has been audited in the past!

#1 Canadian Blackjack Site – Omni Casino

Omni Casino ( is an extremely popular brand, particularly in North America. The Omni Casino brand represents one of the largest online betting companies available to Canadian players. This awesome casino provides players with a massive array of games to try your luck at.

We have given Omni casino the number one spot because of the professionalism they provide in the industry. With several quick deposit and withdrawal options for Canadian players, you could not be in better hands when playing blackjack at an online casino.

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#2 Canadian Blackjack Site – Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace ( is the #2 favoured choice of online casino for Canadian blackjack players. This is quite understandable given that it is widely regarded as the best all round casino online. A firm favorite amongst Canadians, Spin Palace is in fact global favorite.

Blackjack is the most sought after game at Spin Palace casino and they make it incredibly easy for you to enjoy it. With the advanced software powered by Microgaming and the modern in-game features, players will have no problem playing blackjack for fun or for real money.

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#3 Canadian Blackjack Site – Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino ( is one of the most likable online gaming brands across the internet. Bet365 is a complete online gaming and betting portal including, poker, games, sportsbook and of course – casino.

Bet365 have an excellent online casino setup and is still a very popular choice amongst Canadian blackjack players. With several easy deposit and withdrawal options, many people flock to Bet365 in search of the generous sign up bonuses they have a reputation for dishing out.

Before you sign up to Bet365, remember you can claim a 100% first deposit bonus up to $200. This is a special blackjack bonus and will clear pretty quickly at low stakes blackjack.

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