South Africa Approves Online Blackjack

The South African MPs have been debating for three years whether or not they should legalize online blackjack and other casino games. Despite the fact that online gaming is not legal in the country, people in South Africa have been playing blackjack and other games at online casinos and those gaming rooms have been ensconced in the country for years, offering services without paying fees or paying taxes.


The recommendation by the South African National Gambling Board to the MP committee focusing on online gaming was that all forms of gambling, including sportsbooks, poker and casinos should be licensed, regulated and taxed. The country has had the National Gaming Bill on the books for years. Now it looks as if it will be put into action.

The gambling commission will be in charge of enforcing the new law and are looking to Italy as the model for their efforts. The National Gambling Board will be in charge of licensing, regulating and overseeing all aspects of online gaming.

Gambling Commissioner Offers Comment

Mr. Louw, a gambling board commissioner, said, “The big elephant in the room is the online casino in South Africa and we must sharpen our spears. Any one of us can log on at night and place hundreds of bets. I know I do.”

He noted that although the U.S. and Australia have bans on gambling, they have done little to curb it overall. In fact, the U.S. is working towards legalizing it. South Africa, like many nations, has decided that rather than fighting online gambling to sanction it and collect much needed fees and taxes from it.

Starting Slowly

The legislators and commission have decided to issue a few licenses to start. Making a slow start will allow them to ensure that they maintain a standard for quality and closely follow prescribed protocol.

Banks Must Control Transactions

Much as it is in the U.S., South African banks will be charged with ensuring that money transfers are not made to unlicensed online casinos. All casinos will need to be sanctioned by the South African National Gambling Board and will have to be deemed to be safe and secure.

A New Market

Once a country decides to legalize online casinos and other forms of gambling, then before anyone can play a game such as online blackjack and try to apply that advanced strategy they have been studying, the online casinos must fall in line to be online. That is if a casino has been offering services illegally, they must now stop and apply to do so legally.

It will be interesting to see how decisions are made regarding the licensing of online casinos and poker rooms. Will those that have been operating illegally be shut out or allowed to be active by the government of South Africa as long as they comply with the law?

Whatever the case may be it will soon be easier to play casino games, poker and make bets in South Africa.